On 13.06.2009 Donigers dogs hotel have opened doors. We are located in Jiten, only 5km away from Obelya,Sofia. The dog boxes are made of modern materials, that allow keeping high hygiene levels at all time. During the winter season we offer floor heating systems. Keeping your pets comfort at it’s best is our top priority.

Here’s what we have to offer:
1. Free of charge door to door transport, directly from your home, for visits over 5 days.
2. Walking your dog three times a day.

3. High quality food.
4. A lot of care and love for your pet.
5. 24hour health control.

1. Age of 6 months or more.
2. Must be socialized with other dogs, aggressive behavior is not acceptable.
3. Good overall health, all necessary vaccines, internal and external clearing of parasites.
4. Clear of any contagious dermatological problems.
5. Fighting breeds are not acceptable.
price per night – 13lv ; small breeds – 10 lv.
members of BNC Labrador retrievers – 10lv